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P&S Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant 16 Oz.

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Product Details
  • Protect carpets and interior fabric areas
  • Easy spray-on, let dry application
  • Solvent-based and VOC compliant
  • Carpet feels soft and natural

The P&S Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant helps you protect your fabric surfaces from dirt, grime, stains and more! Automotive fabric and carpet interiors are absolutely beautiful when they are in new condition. However, over time they tend to lose this appearance when contamination is introduced from shoes, bags, food, etc. A quality layer of protection not only keeps these areas clean but it also makes it easier to clean when spills happen. The P&S Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is a solvent-based VOC compliant acrylic fluoropolymer protectant. With only a few sprays, it provides superior protection against water-based and oil-based stains. First, make sure the interior surface is clean and free of dirt and grime. Spray onto a cloth or directly onto the carpet. Less is more as a light misting is all that is needed. The formula will dry to the touch pretty fast, but the entire cure period takes about 24 hours. Fibers will feel incredibly natural, no sticky or still feeling. If you are looking to easily protect your fabrics, the P&S Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is one to add to your collection!

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