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Cost of Service: Most vehicles pay the advertised price for service but every vehicle is subject to inspection prior to starting service to identify areas that may need extra work or do not qualify for the advertised price. 

Rain Checks: Unfortunately, we can't control natural elements. For that reason we do not offer any rain checks. Please make sure you check the weather before you book an appointment. 

Engine Damage Disclaimer:  Turco Auto Detailing,LLC  is not responsible for any damage resulting from this service, temporary or otherwise, that may as a result of water interfering with engine function.

Remove Personal Items: We are not responsible for any belongings that may be lost or otherwise disposed of in the course of cleaning your vehicle.  We strongly recommend that each customer remove any belongings they consider to be of value before leaving the vehicle with us.

Remove Child Seats – For liability reasons we cannot remove child seats.

Payment: Payment (by check, cash, or credit/debit Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMX) is due when service is completed. For credit card payments 3% transaction fee will be apply. A $35.00 fee applies to returned checks for reasons stated by the bank.

Cancellations and Rescheduling: You’re welcome to cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hours’ notice. When we schedule your appointment we reserve that time for you and you alone, and turn other business away. If client or client's vehicle or recreational transportation are not present or do not show up on time for the appointment scheduled, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable service fee of $35.00 for time lost.     

BEST EFFORT BASIS:  Our services are provided on a best effort basis- we will not be held responsible in the event that we are unable to clean remove stains, or otherwise restore any surface, fabric or condition on your vehicle. All services listed in our marketing material are for reference only, and do not necessarily represent a guarantee that the service performed on your vehicle will always be successful depending upon the condition of your vehicle or upon a special extenuating circumstance.

VEHICAL DAMAGES: We are not responsible for any damage to you or your vehicle that may occur while your vehicle is being detailing or you are otherwise on our premises or using our facilities. 


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